Malaysian Halal Authority and European Operational Excellence

Picture of a Western Producer and a Muslim Consumer

Halal for non-Halal environments

Halal markets are growing worldwide and are expected to grow for the coming decades. A large part of Halal products are produced in non-Muslim countries however, with strong producers but where basic Halal understanding may be lacking.

We offer Independent Halal Management Services and Consultancy, helping companies to manage their Halal business risk by securing consumer trust through certified and accredited execution of official Halal programs.

Manage your Halal Business Risk by owning your Halal Brand Equity™ Picture Logo of Halal Brand Equity™ Build a chain of Consumer Trust for a sustainable Halal business. Picture Logo of the Halal Chain of Trust™ Program Integrate Halal Integrity into Standard Operational Production Procedures Picture Logo of the Halal Plug In® program Separate Halal Facts from Folklore when installing your Halal Program Picture Logo of the Highway of Halal™ Training Program Manage Halal Business Risk with Halal Balancing™ in four steps Picture Logo of the Halal Consulting Services of Halal Balancing The Halal Balancing™ Halal Business Integration Framework Picture Logo visualising Halal Balancing's core Halal concepts