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Logo of Exon Management Services

Logo of Halal Balancing™ was founded as a spin-off of Exon™ Management Services.

Picture refering to Exon's management experiencePicture refering to Exon's management experiencePicture refering to Exon's management experience

Exon™ provides strategic and operational management services and specialises in adapting companies to changing environments. We help companies to move from the 'Business as Usual' from the past to the 'Business as Usual' from the future.

We decompose existing business processes and reassemble them to fit new needs. We ReConnect Existing Dots to match new environments. Doing the right things again, not doing the old ones better.

Picture of dots connected in different ways, the core competence of Exon Management Services

When one of our clients moved into Halal Business, Exon™ moved along and integrated Halal requirements into its international management experience.

Hence Logo of Halal Balancing™ is not only about Halal, it is also about change, program or project management within international environments.

We offer a vast experience within international companies in General Management, Operational, Commercial and Change Management in Western & Eastern Europe, Russia, (Central) Asia, South America and the Middle East.

Our strong analytical skills & strategic thinking enables us to motivate and inspire people of different cultural backgrounds, allowing organisations to detect and implement new opportunities.

In general, we prefer challenged rather than paved roads.