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When Hazard became Haram

Picture of Haram Character

When I was implementing HACCP-programs in 1995, the year when HACCP became a legal obligation in Europe, I designed Hazard, a character symbolising the food safety risks we needed production processes to screen for.

Little did I know I would re-use this character under the different name of Haram when screening production processes for Halal integrity risks (Haram) when performing Halal ACCP-studies...

Defining Halal

As there are so many approaches to Halal, starting with Halal may sometimes feel like having to choose a car from a highway with dense traffic, with cars of different sizes, different colours, old or new, driving fast or slow. Now which car to choose ?

Fortunately it is not about choosing cars but about following the traffic rules. And this is what our Highway of Halal™ program is about : learning about and how to follow the Halal 'traffic' rules.

The Highway of Halal™ training program cover various elements of Halal, from creating Halal awareness to mastering the underlying principles of Halal for solid implementation.

Programs are flexible and include topics like :

  • General overview of Halal markets worldwide, market dynamics, regional differences,
  • The scope of Halal, from feed, food, medicines, cosmetics, logistics, over finance and Halal food indexes to Halal tourism...
  • The basics of Halal, Islamic law, different schools of thought, different consumer expectations, wholesomeness, ...
  • How to handle the sometimes confusing aspects of Halal certification or Halal media coverage ? How to distinguish facts from folklore ?
  • Introduction on Halal Standards or other regulatory frameworks, Halal certification, third party audits, importance of Halal integrity, ...
  • How to tackle the many issues Halal manufacturers face in non-Halal environments ? How to integrate them into standard procedures ?
  • What about slaughter and animal welfare ?
  • Should non-Muslims have a problem eating Halal ?

But above all, the programs are tailored to your needs.

Logo of Halal Balancing™ : Halal for non Halal environments

Pragmatic transfer of Halal Knowledge. Maintaining Halal Integrity. Minimising Operational changes. Translating Religious Requirements into day-to-day Operational Procedures. Based on International Standards (Jakim, MUI-LPPOM, GCC) and rich international experience.