Malaysian Halal Authority and European Operational Excellence

Picture of our independent Halal additional services | Halal Balancing™ Additional Halal Services

We offer one-stop Halal services (except Halal certification).

So next to our core programs as Halal training, Halal assurance and Halal Certifier Selection, we offer additional supporting services like :

  • Direct MUI-LPPOM Halal / JAKIM Certification
  • Halal export documentation (international trade)
  • Halal certifier selection for export / international trade
  • Halal Strategy Development
  • Halal project development
  • (HAS) internal Halal audits
  • Preparing for Halal Certification
  • ...

But most of all, we're open to any question.

Logo of Halal Balancing™ : Halal for non Halal environments

Pragmatic transfer of Halal Knowledge. Maintaining Halal Integrity. Minimising Operational changes. Translating Religious Requirements into day-to-day Operational Procedures. Based on International Standards (Jakim, MUI-LPPOM, ESMA, GCC) and rich international experience.